Michael Moore Doubles Down on Using Weed to Beat Trump in 2020

Documentary filmmaker Micheal Moore says the key to defeating President Donald Trump in the 2020 election is to make sure enough people actually get out and vote. And the best way to do that, he believes, is to give voters an issue they really care about: marijuana legalization. It's a strategy that he championed last November, and now he's more convinced than ever than cannabis could become Trump's downfall.

According to Moore, the biggest reason why Trump was elected back in 2016 was because many people decided not to vote because none of the alternative candidates (i.e. Democrat Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein) reflected their values. But you can get those people out to the polls if you make sure there are strong initiatives on the ballot.

"Instead of putting all our hopes in one politician to carry this thing, we have to get theses ballot proposals on in the swing states," Moore told Seth Meyers recently. "That will bring people out to vote."

That was the case in Michigan during the midterm elections, he added, noting that his home state brought Democrats back into power in 2018 after the Wolverine State voted red in 2016. And he thinks that happened because the state put a cannabis ballot question before voters on Election Day.

"We did it in Michigan with marijuana legalization⁠—we doubled the youth vote from the previous off-year election," he explained.

And since the majority of Americans now support marijuana reform, and left-leaning voters have even pegged cannabis legalization as a key issue for the upcoming election, using cannabis to rally voters against Trump could be a good bet. Moore believes the strategy of putting cannabis legalization on the ballot could prove to be particularity effective in swing states, who may just need a small injection of young voters to turn their regions blue in 2020.

But Moore doesn't want the Democrats to simply eke out a win in 2020. He wants them to trounce Trump.

"Beating isn't good enough," said Moore. "We need to crush trump. It needs to be Orange Crush."


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