Watch Michael Moore Impersonate Donald Trump - And A Dying Dinosaur

Prominent Democrats are rallying around Hillary Clinton now that she has secured enough delegates to win the party nomination for president. But there are still many supporters of Bernie Sanders who want him to stay in the race, including, of course, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Moore talked about the substantial influence of the aging populists on both ends of the spectrum - Sanders on the left and Donald Trump on the right.

Of course, Moore has nothing but admiration for Sanders, who he says must continue to pressure Clinton to adopt progressive policy reforms on issues like income inequality and banking reform.

"We need him now more than ever," says Moore. "We have all of these issues we're still concerned about. He has pushed Hillary to the left. We need to keep pushing...I think people will see he's been a force for good."

Now, onto the "force for evil." Fortunately, Moore says Trump is - with his divisive brand of right-wing politics - a dying breed.

"[Trump's campaign] is the last hurrah," says Moore. "I liken the sound of Trump to what the sound of the dying dinosaur must have been a a wall...."

You really must watch the complete interview below, if only for Moore's dinosaur-like cry when he utters those last words (which comes around the 3:50 mark). A print transcription just doesn't do it justice.

h/t CNN, The Guardian.


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