Michael Cohl Joins Civilized As A Board Member And Investor

Described as "the most famous man you’ve never heard of," powerhouse producer Michael Cohl has worked with hundreds of artists including Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Prince, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, U2 and the Rolling Stones.

He made it big on Broadway with Spamalot, Rock of Ages, Hairspray, Bat Out Of Hell and Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, which earned him producer of the year in 2011.

He won a few Emmys, Grammys, and Tonys along the way.

The former chairman of Live Nation also received Billboard Magazine’s "Legend of Live" award.

And now, Michael Cohl is joining Civilized as a board member and investor, bringing his unparalleled entertainment experience to the cannabis industry.

Stay tuned… it’s about to get loud at Civilized.


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