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Michael Che And Colin Jost's Best Unaired 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches

Sometimes 90 minutes isn't enough time to air every great sketch on 'Saturday Night Live,' so many laughs wind up getting left on the cutting room floor of 30 Rock. But now you can catch a glimpse of some of those lost segments thanks to Michael Che and Colin Jost, who recently sat down with Seth Meyers to discuss some of the best sketches that you never got to see.

1. Donald Trump's Rosetta Stone 

"When Donald Trump hosted [in 2016], I pitched him an idea where he was the spokesman for Rosetta Stone Mexican," Jost said. "So he would teach you phrases you could say to someone who's Mexican. Like, 'You're gonna build the wall.'"

For some reason, Trump passed on the spoof of his divisive foreign policy project.

2. Heroin A.M.

"That was non-drowsy heroin," Jost explained. "It was from the makers of Cocaine P.M. And it was a sketch that was not popular in middle America."

3. Screw the Pooch

"I wanted to do a sketch on the first guy to say 'Screw the Pooch," Che said, adding that he'd never heard the phrase till an intern said it while apologizing for screwing up Che's coffee order. "He said, 'It means I made a mistake.' And I said, 'No, it means you had sex with a dog. And you should probably stop saying that in a workplace environment.' So I wanted to dig into that guy because he probably did have sex with a dog one time and pretended that it's a mistake that everybody else makes."

4. Half Viagra

"It was for if you didn't want to have sex, you just wanted to make it look bigger," Jost said. "Like if you knew you had a doctor's appointment" and wanted to impress the physician with your size.

"I still think we should've called it Viagra Al Dente," Che quipped.

5. Jackie Robinson's First Black Heckler

"It was February, and I wanted a Black History sketch," Che explained. "And I was like, 'Who's the first black person to boo Jackie Robinson for a baseball play?' There had to be one. I'm sure he had an error before. But the censor said 'No.'"

But that wasn't the only pitch that got turned down because it was too controversial.

"My favorite sketches are racially charged," Che added. "Like when Chris Hemsworth hosted, I wanted to do a sketch where The Avengers saved the day, but in the process, Thor accidentally kills an unarmed black teenager."

Check out some more rejected sketch ideas in this clip.



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