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Mexico to Legalize Marijuana Products in 2018

While Canada and the United States continue work on legalizing marijuana, their neighbors south of the border, Mexico, haven't made as much noise in that department. But it looks like that could change.

The Mexican government announced that marijuana-based medicines, foods, drinks, cosmetics and other products will be legalized in early 2018. The country legalized cannabis for medical use earlier this year, but continued to not allow recreational use and cultivation of the drug. The new laws will allow products that contain small amounts of marijuana, but would still keep the selling of pure cannabis illegal. 

The government plans to release regulations for what products will or will not be allowed in the coming days, and eligible items that conform to the laws could hit Mexican shelves within a month.

Obviously, marijuana is a major issue in Mexico. The drug is still a major income source for cartels operating out of the country, and more than 140,000 people have been murdered by cartels in the past decade. Many have pointed out that legalizing marijuana in the United States would remove a major income source for the cartels as Americans would be able to purchase cannabis grown by reputable companies. But instead the federal government continues to fund ill-fated operations in the War on Drugs.

Considering that the Mexican government has made too fairly dramatic moves towards allowing marijuana, this could be seen as a trend towards legalizing recreational cannabis. But that may require a little support from the neighbors to the North.

(h/t Reuters)


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