Mexico's Incoming President Says Government Should Respect Supreme Court's Decision to Decriminalize Marijuana

Last week the Mexican Supreme Court announced that the country's ban on marijuana was unconstitutional and that the government would need to make changes to the law. And now the incoming Mexican President says the government should respect that ruling.

Mexico's President-Elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador says the government should abide by the ruling made by the Supreme Court last week. Unlike in the United States, the Mexican government is given a certain amount of time to change or amend the law after a Supreme Court decision in order to make it compliant. But Obrador is indicating that he'd like them to not change the law in a manner that will re-criminalize the drug.

The Supreme Court's decision simply said that banning people for recreationally using marijuana should not be allowed. That doesn't mean that it will allow legal sales of the drug. Essentially, it was a nationwide decriminalization of marijuana.

López Obrador will take office next month as the new president of Mexico. Many members of his government, including the president-elect himself, have expressed interest in legalizing marijuana as a means to reducing violence in the country.

So Mexico may not be following in Canada's shoes in legalizing recreational marijuana sales, but they may be prepared to make a major leap forward in the next few weeks.

(h/t Latino USA)


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