Method Man Says His Rap Name Is a Synonym for Marijuana

Some rap names are more straightforward than others. While nobody needs an explanation to understand hip-hop monikers like The Notorious B.I.G. or Busta Rhymes, some aren't as intuitive. Take Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan, for instance. For years, fans thought Method Man's nickname was a synonym for the drug PCP, but don't tell him that unless you want to get told off.

"That's a falsehood right there," Method Man said while reading that fan theory on Reddit in an interview with GQ. "We used to call Methods cigarettes first, then it became weed, so somebody lied to you, bruh. I hate when people make up random shit."

So Method Man's rap name is actually a tribute to cannabis, which isn't really surprising. After all, Wu-Tang member Raekwon said the group's early records were fuelled by weed and pizza, and Method Man starred in the stoner comedy classic 'How High,' so he and his collaborators haven't exactly been hiding in the cannabis closet over the years.

In the full interview, Method Man also discussed his role on 'The Wire,' the Wu-Tang Clan's unlikely place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his upcoming cameo in Kevin Smith's 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.' Check it out in the clip below.


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