Meteorologist Rips Apart 'Flat Earthers' in Under 5 Minutes

Interest and support in the Flat Earth movement is currently increasing in popularity, as Google trends data reveals that searches for “flat Earth” have more than tripled in the past two years. This is partly because Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving recently expressed his Flat Earth beliefs, “If you really think about it from a landscape, of the way we travel, the way we move… can you really think of us rotating around the Sun?” Many Flat Earth believers are now raising money to fund research to support their theory, but every argument they make can be disputed.

First, Flat Earthers believe that the Earth has day and night because the Sun is basically a spotlight shining and rotating from above with the Moon. Simply, when the Sun is above you it is day, and when the moon is above you it’s night, but this theory is impossible. If the Sun and Moon were like spotlights shining above the Earth, you would never be able to see the Moon during the day and you’d always see the Sun day and night, because nothing is blocking you from seeing the “spotlights”. Also, if the world were actually flat, you would be pulled sideways if you are located anywhere but the center of the plane, because the force of gravity is directed toward the center of a mass. Even after disputing these points, which isn’t supported by any scientists, Flat Earthers continue to raise money to fund their research.     


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