Check Out These Mesmerizing Shots By A Marijuana Company's Artist-In-Residence

Canadian photographer and filmmaker Ezra Soiferman broke new ground in cannabis culture in 2016 by becoming the the artist-in-residence for Tweed, one of Canada's largest legal cannabis producers. The appointment makes him the very first artist of his kind.

"The fact that I'm the world's first artist in residence at a cannabis factory is such a tremendous honour," Soiferman told Civilized via email. "There is so much history being made now in this industry - I like to call it the 'cannabis big bang' that's taking place now - and to be at the vanguard of the intersection of cannabis and the arts with Tweed's incredible support is a tremendous thrill and has pushed me to be more prolific than ever and has really upped my game as a photographer and filmmaker."

That's an understatement given the eye-catching work that he's created thus far during his tenure at Tweed. Scroll down to check out some of his mesmerizing cannabis shots, which offer intimate glimpses into the plant's exquisite anatomy and stunning color palettes. In his new video below, Soiferman also shared some of his non-cannabis subjects, including one of our favorite shots -  an alpaca wearing an alpaca hat.


Photography: Ezra Soiferman


Photography: Ezra Soiferman

If you want to see more, check out Ezra Soiferman's 'music photeo.' 


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