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Men Use Fake Ambulance to Smuggle £1.6 Billion of Drugs into the UK

For months, Border Guards and Customs Officials were fooled by a Dutch criminal group disguised in full paramedics uniforms. They brought a “patient” to help fool security, but he’s seen with crutches in one video while walking out of a hospital without crutches in another. Their fake ambulance wasn’t helping British patients though, it was helping bring drugs to British streets. The criminals concealed pounds of heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy in their ambulances, bringing in a total of 13.5 tons of Class A drugs in just over a year.

The group’s leader created the fake ambulance company that disguised them for months, but ultimately led to their convictions. In their car, police found a list of 20 customers they were selling drugs to, which was color coded to match their packing tape. When authorities took an ambulance apart, they found six different hiding places where the drugs were stored, in a total of four or five different ambulances. In total the group made nearly 45 trips to the United Kingdom to transport illegal drugs.


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