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A Bunch of Men are Booking Appointments With a Pennsylvania Gynecologist for Medical Marijuana

When a Pennsylvania gynecologist applied to become part of the state's medical marijuana program, she probably did so to offer cannabis as a possible solution for her patients' solution. But she probably didn't expect to all of a sudden become bombarded with appointment requests from men.

Dr. Liang Bartkowiak was featured in media reports after she received certification to prescribe medical marijuana. Almost immediately afterwards, her office was bombarded with appointment requests by men. This surprised Bartkowiak, because she is an OB-GYN and only treats female patients. 

Bartkowiak is apparently the only doctor in the area around Altoona, Pennsylvania who's already received her certification. But she says she hopes more doctors become eligible soon, because there is a short supply of OB-GYNs in the area and clogging her calendar full of people who are solely trying to get medical marijuana is preventing her from providing the care needed for her other patients.

The doctor also said that many of the people who have called and visited her office for cannabis don't understand the laws. Pennsylvania allows doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients who qualify for a list of 17 conditions. The state also only allows pills, oils, vapor and liquid marijuana, not the plant form that many patients are looking for.

"I think laypeople are going to need very plain terminology...You're going to have to come right out and say, 'You are not going to get a joint to smoke.' That is not what medical marijuana is going to be," Dr. Bartkowiak said. 

You have to wonder how many of the men even knew what an OB-GYN was before making their appointment. I'm sure they figured it out pretty quickly based on the posters inside the doctor's office.

(h/t CBS)


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