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Study Finds Men with Active Social Lives Are More Likely to Use Marijuana

While we know the stereotypical idea of a "stoner" isn't entirely accurate, are there certain traits that are shared by most marijuana users? 

Researchers at Yale University examined how social roles and activity affected the likelihood that a person uses marijuana. The researchers examined both minority male teenagers and adults to see how different aspects of their lives affected cannabis use. Perhaps the most surprising thing they found was males who had strong social bonds and friendships were actually more likely to use marijuana. In the past, many believed that the opposite was true, that people who lack strong social bonds were more likely to use cannabis as a way to "escape."

The researchers believe that the increasing social acceptability of marijuana means social people are more willing to use marijuana. They also believe that using cannabis can help strength social ties between people. So using marijuana can actually strengthen your friendships.

The study examined other aspects about minority males as well. They found that those living in disadvantaged neighborhoods were more likely to use marijuana, which has been the case in previous studies as well. They also found that men who believed in traditional gender roles (men are supposed to be strong, non-emotional, successful) were less likely to use marijuana than those who did not hold those views. 

And I always thought being a fan of Seth Rogen movies determined whether or not you used marijuana.

(h/t Futurity)


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