7 Best Marijuana Strains to Bring to a Memorial Day Barbecue

This weekend is Memorial Day, which is basically the true beginning of summer for many people. And one of the most popular activities to do on Memorial Day is to hold a big old-fashioned barbecue. But sometimes those barbecues could use a little bit of cannabis to brighten up the festivities.

Here are the seven best marijuana strains to bring to a Memorial Day barbecue:

1. Chocolope

Every great barbecue has brownies. What else would you have for your dessert? And coffee goes great with brownies. The Chocolope strain has a great coffee taste that will pair perfectly with your barbecue brownies.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies, whether in cookie or cannabis form. So you know everyone will enjoy this strain, and it also helps that it’s known to help people become more sociable as well.

3. Amnesia Haze

While barbecues can be relaxing events, some people will want their Memorial Day weekends to be parties that will be remembered for years to come. Amnesia Haze is a strain that will give everyone a nice energy burst to start getting turnt at your barbecue. (Do people still say turnt?)

4. Hawaiian

Memorial Day weekend is usually around the time where every place in the United States is finally undergoing summer weather. So why not enjoy the warm weather with a tropical Hawaiian strain?

5. Skywalker OG

The new Han Solo prequel movie comes out this weekend, so why not enjoy the weekend with this Star Wars themed strain? It’s also known to relieve social anxiety, which will make everyone a little more friendly at your party.

6. Laughing Buddha

When it comes to having a good time, Laughing Buddha has to be one of the go-to strains. This strain is known for inducing laughter in just about everyone. So even unfunny jokes will seem like they were just delivered by Jerry Seinfeld.

7. Blue Goo

If you’re going to an actual barbecue, you’re going to get experience a little bit of smoke. Blue Goo is a strain that also has a nice smooth smoky flavor with also a hint of berry, to freshen up your barbecue aroma a bit.


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