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Meet The Weed-Sponsored Athlete & Model Competing At This Weekend's X Games

Cannabis culture is crashing the X Games this weekend at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Motocross athlete and model Stephanie Pietz will be repping the marijuana company Weedmaps while tearing up the dirt track.

Pietz is an up-and-coming extreme sportster who is one of only three female athletes among the 40 riders battling on the flat track this weekend. And she's the only one sponsored by a cannabis company. 

Stephanie Pietz

The competition marks her second flat-track race on a Harley Davidson, but she's already caused a stir in the sport after finishing third in her debut at The Battle of the Buckeye in May 2017. But this weekend is the highlight of her career to date. “X Games is the Olympics of extreme sports," she said via press release. "To be invited to compete is a huge accomplishment.”

She will be riding for the Suicide Machine Co team along with owners Aaron and Shaun Guardado and James Cyphers (aka Jimmy Burnouts). But she'll also be racing for female athletes around the world who are looking for a role model in a traditionally male sport.

“The fact that I can be an inspirational role model, like the one I didn't have growing up, is a feeling that is irreplaceable," said Pietz. "You don't have to stop acting like a girl just because you can hang with the guys on the track.”

And Weedmaps is pitching in by helping Pietz demolish gender barriers while also shattering stoner stereotypes.

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