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Meet The Presidential Candidate Who Wants To Legalize Weed In Russia

President Vladimir Putin will win the federal election in Russia this weekend unless one of his challengers pulls the biggest upset in Russian politics since Rasputin was rolled up in a carpet and thrown off a bridge. But odd as a Putin defeat would be, stranger things have happened in the life of rival candidate Ksenia Sobchak, the former reality TV star who wants to legalize marijuana in Russia if she replaces Putin as president.

Here are 10 weird moments from the life of Ksenia Sobchak (a.k.a. 'The Russian Paris Hilton').

1. Robo-Baby

Sobchak rose to fame as a contestant on the Reality TV show 'Dom-2,' in which she and her partner had to play house with a terrifying robot baby that peed in her hair at one point. 

2. Nazi Smut

Sobchak has also appeared on the big screen. In 2008, she played Eva Braun in the raunchy, scatological, slapstick comedy 'Hitler Goes Kaput.' It's basically what 'Inglourious Basterds' would be life if it'd been directed by Adam Sandler.

3. Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon

She also appeared in the 'Hitler Goes Kaput' sequel, which actually takes place over a hundred years earlier and focuses on Napoleon's invasion of Russia. So it's like a Russian 'Blackadder' - except everyone in the film seems to have taken acting lessons from Jim Henson's Muppets.

4. R-Pop Singer

In 2007, Sobchak sang on the single 'Dance with Me' by Russian rapper Timati. She also appeared in the video wearing an ermine fur cape overtop of a bikini. Because nothing gets Russian music fans hotter than hilariously impractical outfits.

Timati, incidentally, later went on to feature Snoop Dogg on his 2009 single 'Groove On'.

5. Brit Pop Model

And that's not the only musical collaboration in her past. Back in 1998, she posed for the cover of the album 'This is Hardcore' by the Brit Pop group Pulp. 

“The shoot was fun," she later said, adding that lead singer Jarvis Cocker was "very nice, very shy.”

6. She Hates the Paris Hilton Comparison

Sobchak halted her entertainment career years ago to focus on working as a political journalist. Since then, she's repudiated her 'Russian Paris Hilton' nickname.

"I am a political journalist," she told TMZ earlier this year. "I don't know who invented this about Paris Hilton, but really it has nothing to do with me."


7. The Unlikely Candidate

When announcing her candidacy for the present of Russia, Sobchak admitted that her resume isn't exactly what you'd expect of a world leader.

"I want to show that your past is not a life sentence," she told CNN last month. "It's a lesson you learn. And I've really changed a lot since those past 10 years. And yes, I had some funny entertainment program. But that was long ago. And since then, I showed and proved to many of my citizens that I have changed a lot and I really stand for the most important values in my country."

8. Putin's Miscalculation

In that same CNN interview, she said being a former reality star could prove to be a secret weapon in her campaign against President Putin.

"My point was to be underestimated. Yes, they are afraid of [opposition leader] Alexei Navalny and they're not that much afraid of a blond girl from TV shows. And in totalitarian regime, this is the only kind of thing you can do: you can make someone underestimate you and then do your job."

9. She Knows the Election's Rigged

"We can't choose our gender, we can't choose our parents, and we can't choose the president of Russia," Sobchak said while announcing her presidential campaign earlier this year. That wasn't a gaffe: she is open about the fact that the election is rigged in Putin's favor.

"It's a fake election," she told the BBC. "Like in a casino where the winner's always on the house, in Russian elections, the winner's always on Putin's side. So I am taking part in the election not to win - I have no illusions about that. I'm taking part to be heard."

10. Legalizing Marijuana

One of those issues she wants heard is marijuana legalization.

"I myself don't use it, but I don't drink vodka by the bottle, either," Sobchak said last January. "I don't really understand why drinking vodka in enormous quantities is considered normal in our country, but using marijuana is not, though it has far fewer consequences, even from the perspective of crime statistics."

So if she does somehow beat Putin, Russians can celebrate with legal weed.


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