Meet The Man Responsible For Containing Those Pungent Odors Coming From Cannabis Farms

Daniel Gustafik has been finding novel solutions for cannabis cultivation issues for nearly 2 decades. And as cannabis farms are increasingly subjected to odor control regulations, he's the guy to call.

Last June, a Colorado family sued a nearby cannabis farm. Their claim was that the overpowering smell of the marijuana being grown there had hurt the value of their property. The judge ruled in their favor and the farm was charged under federal racketeering laws. This set a legal precedent which has spurred similar cases in other cannabis legal states.

So, when Clackamas County, Oregon decided to implement strict odor control regulations, local cultivator Mike Arnold called in Gustafik to help scent-proof his operation.

Gustafik says the secret is to realize that you can't just mask the smell, you have to actually filter it out. Dryer sheets and fragrant plants, he says, just won't do.

"By adding a different scent profile, you're never going to clean the room," Gustafik explained to Rolling Stone.

Instead, he arranged a series of fans in Arnold dry-house that pushed the air through a charcoal filter, effectively cleaning the marijuana smell from the air. Additionally, he designed the room to be under a mild vacuum, a technique he says is crucial for scent control.

"If you put the whole building under vacuum, you could be standing in front of the house and, 'sniff, sniff, sniff,' smell nothing. You can successfully get zero smell."

But while Gustafik can successful get the smell out of a room, he says there's not a whole lot that can be done for outdoor cultivation.

When one of Arnold employees asked Gustafink if he thought their plan to plant lavender around the perimeter of the farm would help, he said probably not.

"No. It smells like lavender weed."  


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