Since he joined YouTube in 2008, Master Bong has been MacGyverying smoking devices by teaching millions of people how to make a bong or pipe out of anything and everything. Master Bong has made pipes from trees, wrapping paper tubes, and toy school buses. He's also known for his  tutorials which have taught people how to roll papers and smoke responsibly. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, Master Bong shares quality videos of these tutorials, product reviews, "Munchie of the Week", tips, smoke sessions, unboxings, and more. These videos will help viewers and consumers stay educated on the cannabis culture while having fun with Master Bong. This episode of "The Highlight" shares this story of how Master Bong began creating content for other cannabis enthusiasts.

"The Highlight" is Civilized's  weekly cannabis show that features different personalities, celebrities, influencers, content creators, artists, and filmmakers in the cannabis space. We will introduce a new cannabis influencer every week to share their story, which led them to create content on the web and social media for the cannabis industry.