Meet The Chicken-Man Who Is Running For Prime Minister Of Hungary

If you think American elections are ridiculous, don't worry. Things could be much worse - especially if you live in Hungary, where a chicken-man is running for prime minister in the upcoming federal election.

According to Hungarian law, the state must offer cash to every candidate running in an election. That provision has given rise to a number of dubious political parties who see elections as a cash grab. Some don't even pretend to be legit parties. Like the Two-Tailed Dog Party, whose platform consists of promising Hungarians "eternal life, two sunsets per day, a network of express buses that stop nowhere, and flooding the streets with beer on holidays to combat traffic problems," according to John Oliver.

They're the party who put forth the chicken-man as a candidate. And they even got him on a television network that pledged to profile every candidate in the upcoming election. And if you think he sat there for five minutes and said nothing but the Hungarian equivalent of clucking, then you won't be disappointed by this video. Check out John Oliver's profile of the major Hungarian candidates, including chicken-man.



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