Meet the Average Canadian Marijuana Smoker

Canada is set to legalize recreational marijuana later this year, and most of the country’s population supports the move. But while the average Canadian supports the new laws, will the average Canadian take part in them?

Civilized teamed up with PSB Research to ask Canadians and Americans what they felt about a number of issues related to marijuana. As part of the survey, we also received the demographics of cannabis users in each country.

The average Canadian cannabis user is either a man or woman (there was exactly a 50/50 split in our results) in their 30’s who lives in Ontario, probably in either Toronto or Ottawa. Even if they don’t live in Ontario, they still live in one of Canada’s major cities. They’re not married, and most likely never were, and do not have any children. They are employed full-time, but they are likely earning around $50,000 per year.

Politically, they would consider themselves to be liberal and therefore vote for the Liberal Party, although they may occasionally support the NDP as well.

Education is the only factor that really didn’t have an impact on the average Canadian marijuana users. 34 percent of Canadian cannabis users have a high school education or less, 36 percent have some college or technical school education and 31 percent have a college degree or more. So basically a one-third split

Perhaps when Canada legalizes recreational marijuana, there will be a more broad version of the average marijuana user. Particularly when it comes to residence, because nearly half of the country’s cannabis users currently reside in Ontario, which may be the country’s largest province but that’s still a large percentage than they make up in the general Canadian population.


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