Hang Out in the "Dabbin' Cabin" With That High Couple

Alice and Clark first joined YouTube in 2016 as the "High Hipsters", which they eventually changed to their current name "That High Couple", to better reflect the content they're creating and who they are as a couple. "That High Couple" features engaged couple Alice and Clark who live in Hollywood together, where they get high with the Internet by building up the online cannabis community with peace, love, and positivity. The duo is contributing to this growing community by exploring and discussing their passion for cannabis with product reviews, event coverage, smoke sessions, 360° VR, and more fun. This episode of "The Highlight" shares their story of how That High Couple began creating content for other cannabis enthusiasts.

"The Highlight" is Civilized's  weekly cannabis show that features different personalities, celebrities, influencers, content creators, artists, and filmmakers in the cannabis space. We will introduce a new cannabis influencer every week to share their story, which led them to create content on the web and social media for the cannabis industry.


A bird trained to tipoff drug dealers has been seized by police in Northern Brazil. It's not uncommon for people dealing in illegal substances to have some sort of early warning system to let them know if the authorities are approaching. Silent alarms, watchdogs and human guards are all common.

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