Meet Burb, the Yeezy of Cannabis

Do you burb? If you're keen on smoking joints or bowls, then the answer is yes. Short for "burn herb," Burb is both a verb, and an up-and-coming force within cannabis culture. 

A retail brand based out of British Columbia, Burb has a line of dispensaries, as well as its own merchandise. With soft, tan tones defining Burb's apparel aesthetic, you might say it's akin to the Yeezy of cannabis. 

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A brand geared toward cannabis enthusiasts first and foremost, Burb is for "people who love and appreciate the plant," says John Kaye, founder and CEO of Burb. "We are legacy consumers, and we're doing our best to create a brand that strikes some kind of emotional connection with the consumer, allowing them to come into the regulated side of the industry." 

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Established in 2018, Burb is expanding beyond its retail store and merchandise line, toward some collaborations. "We're working on our own genetics," says Kaye, "and we have a podcast that we host with the founder of PAPER Magazine." David Hershkovits' Light Culture, as the podcast is called, features interviews with cannabis legends, such as Joe Murray, the creator of Sour Diesel, and Abdullah Saeed, comedian and co-host of his own podcast Great Moments in Weed History

The idea is to give consumers more touch points to connect with the brand and the culture, at large. Burb is helping to lead the way. 

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