Canadian Producer MedReleaf Makes First Ever Export - For An Important Cause

MedReleaf, one of Canada’s leading licensed producers today announced their first ever international export, one that will go towards helping a child improve their quality of life.

The export of cannabis oil is for Sofia Langenbach, a child with the CDKL5 genetic syndrome. The condition causes refractory epilepsy and severe seizures, which can only be remedied by medical cannabis.

Sofia’s mother, Margarette Santos de Brito, is an activist and president of APEPI, the first and largest association of cannabis patients in Brazil. She previously won a court case to grow her own cannabis.

“We have been working with Margarette Santos De Brito (president of Brazilian NGO APEPI), who has been a tireless, high-profile public champion of medical cannabis and whose daughter Sofia is in dire need of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products to manage her symptoms.” said Neil Closner, CEO of MedReleaf. “We are proud that Ms. Santos and ANVISA, the Brazilian Government’s National Health Surveillance Agency, have put their faith in MedReleaf.”

For her part, Ms. Santos had this to say: “I am very thankful we received this first import of MedReleaf’s medical grade cannabis oil for Sofia”.

Here’s hoping that children like Sofia around the world will soon have the same access to medicine.


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