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Medical Marijuana For Pets? It’s No Joke

Usually, when we hear about pets and cannabis, it's in the context of unfortunate animals like this poor husky, Loki, who end up tripping out after accidentally eating an edible intended for humans (Note: Loki has, fortunately, made a full recovery.)

But there's a difference between a dog accidentally eating your stash, and the growing number of medical cannabis products geared specifically toward pets. Many owners swear that CBD products, in particular, are an effective treatment for seizure disorders, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and a host of other ailments in dogs and cats.

Amanda Reiman of Drug Policy Alliance tells The Guardian that her cat, Monkey, was relieved of the pain associated with her terminal intestinal cancer after Reiman started mixing tiny amounts of cannabis oil into her food.

She acknowledges the seeming absurdity of medical marijuana for pets - but recalls a not-so-distant time when medical marijuana for humans was similarly dismissed as ridiculous.

"When we first started talking about the idea of using marijuana as a medicine, people laughed about it," said Reiman. "But they've come around, because when you know someone who was helped by cannabis it's not funny anymore."

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took Reiman's ideas seriously enough that they published a piece by her on their web site.

Numerous pet-oriented edibles companies are helping fill this niche, among them them Washington-based CannaCompanion, and California's VetCBD, both of which claim their products treat the symptoms of diseases ranging from chronic pain to incontinence, if the dozens of testimonials are to be believed.

There's also an expanding market for topical preparations geared toward pets, like the marijuana-based dog shampoo from Making You Better Brands intended to relief muscle and body pain.

A California-based manufacturer of CBD pet treats, Treatibles, says their dog treats "contain a proprietary blend of non-psychoactive cannabinoids derived from non-industrial hemp." The THC-free nature of the product means "your animal companions can enjoy all the benefit[s] of these plant cannabinoid[s] without any psychoactive effects."

Watch Treatibles founder Julianna Carella on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson below (via Dropbox):


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