Medical Marijuana Use Skyrocketing in Canada

Recreational marijuana will become legal in Canada at some point during 2018. And while that's seen as a major milestone for the country, it turns out people are already acting like it's fully legal anyways.

Health Canada, the nation's public health agency, released statistics on the country's medical marijuana program recently. According to the report, the biggest change is the number of people enrolled. According to Health Canada, enrollment in the country's medical marijuana program increased 40 percent from March 2017 to September 2017. 

While that's a large increase, it's still a fairly small number compared to the total population. Even after the 40 percent growth, there's only 235,621 Canadians enrolled in the country's medical marijuana program, which is about 0.6 percent of the total population. 

But still, signs that Canadians are more interested in procuring marijuana is a good sign as the country prepares to roll out recreational marijuana this year. And even if it is a small number, it's still a pretty big impact on the economy. According to experts, Canadians currently spend as much on marijuana as they do on wine.

So once recreational marijuana becomes legal and people don't have hurdles such as "having a medical condition," to purchase cannabis, those numbers could be much, much higher.

(h/t Bloomberg)


A recent study found that medical marijuana legalization was associated with a reduction in workplace fatalities. While many marijuana opponents would argue that legalizing cannabis is only going to lead to more workplace injuries, a new study says that simply isn't the case. In fact, legalizing medical marijuana could actually make workplaces safer.

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