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Medical Marijuana Sales Begin in Two States Today

Today is a somewhat historic day as it means the beginning of medical marijuana sales in two U.S. states.

First, Ohio began medical marijuana sales today after a long delay. The state originally passed a bill back in June 2016 to legalize medicinal cannabis, and sales were supposed to begin more than four months ago. But delays with licensing and other issues pushed the date back, but four medical marijuana dispensaries opened in the state today.

It's not clear how successful the medicinal cannabis industry will be in Ohio. The state imparted some of the tightest regulations in the entire nation on their marijuana industry, and as a result they have some of the highest medical marijuana prices in the country as well. Will these tight regulations and high prices stifle the new industry, or will high demand allow it to survive?

And in Hawaii, the first medical marijuana dispensary opened on Hawaii Island. Hawaii Island is the largest island in Hawaii by landmass, but is the second in terms of population. Although it's second by quite a lot, as O'ahu contains around 950,000 people and Hawaii Island has only round 185,000.

The dispensary opening on Hawaii Island is not the first dispensary in the state, but it is the first on this particular island that contains around 13 percent of the state's population.

Hawaii had an interesting route to medical marijuana legalization. The state actually legalized medicinal cannabis back in 2000, one of the first states to do so. However they didn't allow medical marijuana dispensaries, so there was almost no way for people to purchase this drug that they were legally allowed to use. That changed in 2017 when the state's first dispensary opened.

Now just imagine when Hawaii allows recreational marijuana. That will make it an even more appealing vacation destination.

(h/t Cincinatti Enquirer and Star Advertiser)


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