Why Medical Marijuana Patients Are Worried about the FDA Approving a Cannabis-Based Drug

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is preparing to approve a drug derived from marijuana for the first time ever. But some parents of children who already use cannabis-based medicines are not sure that's a good thing.

Many parents are worried that the FDA approving this new drug could possibly lead to problems with treating their own children with CBD medicines. They're worried that this new drug could lead to states outlawing the CBD oils and treatments they're currently using and only allowing FDA approved drugs instead.

And there's actually legitimate reasons to believe that could happen. GW Pharmaceuticals, the company behind the new cannabis-derived drug under FDA consideration, lobbied in some states such as South Dakota and Nebraska to change the definition of marijuana so CBD products would be allowed and could be prescribed by doctors and pharmacies, but only if those products were approved by the FDA. Since they are the only company with a CBD-derived drug under FDA consideration, they would produce the only legal CBD product in those states.

In their defense, GW Pharmaceuticals said the new laws would be necessary in order for their new drug to be prescribed in pharmacies.

States such as California and Colorado have passed laws allowing the rules for GW Pharmaceuticals to put their drug in pharmacies, but they also included language to protect medical marijuana and CBD products that already exist in those states without FDA approval as well. That seems like it would be the best option for states going forward.

(h/t Chicago Sun-Times)


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