Watch: Meet The Incredible Young Man Who Played A Key Role In New York's Medical Marijuana Law

Oliver Miller is 14 years old. He suffered a stroke in utero, and incurred a brain stem injury that left him with a host of medical issues complicating his young life. As a result of this injury, Miller endures hundreds of seizures a day.

Miller lives in New York, which means that without a medical marijuana law, licensed growers, doctors to prescribe, and a patient registry, he is unable to access strains that have been shown to help with seizures in children.

His mother, Missy Miller, told Elite Daily medical marijuana would be a life-saver.

"You can talk politics. You can talk money. The bottom line is, you can help people. You can save lives. You can give people a better quality of life. It's what should be done."

And for New York, the law was passed. The state became the 23rd to legalize medical marijuana last July. When State Senator Dean G. Skelos spoke prior to the vote, he acknowledged the impact Missy Miller and her son Oliver had on his own decision to support the bill.

If you were to tell me at the beginning of this session that I would be voting 'yes' on this leglislation, i would say to you 'no way, ' but when you meet Oliver Miller from my district, 14 years old - and some of the folks here mentioned that they have 10 to 12 seizures a day - he has hundreds of seizures a day as a result of a pre-birth stroke. That's worth voting for this legislation

The law is set to go into effect next month.

Watch the video produced by Elite Daily below.


Most people know that to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car is very dangerous — not just for the driver and passengers, but for anyone else sharing the road. For cannabis consumers, however, understanding levels of impairment is not so straightforward. To date, there is not yet a technology used by law enforcement that can accurately detect cannabis impairment similar to alcohol breathalyzers.

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