Medical Marijuana Was Legalized In Guam Years Ago, So Why Can’t You Get It?

While medical marijuana was legalized in Guam back in 2014, it is still not available to patients in the territory. One of the principal reasons for this is the lack of a testing facility in Guam.

The senator who introduced the medical marijuana bill, Dennis Rodriguez Jr. (D), is hopeful that the Marine Laboratory at the University of Guam will be able to provide an appropriate space for cannabis testing.

"The university would be able to expand its laboratory offerings to students and also have a revenue-generating/self-sustainable asset," Rodriguez wrote in a letter to the university. "The community would win in that the roadblock to the medicinal marijuana program is removed by a local and trusted facility."

Andrea Pellacani, Grassroots Guam managing partner, believes there has been a lack of support form the legal and medical community in getting Guam's medical marijuana program off the ground.

"We are extremely disappointed in the legal and medical community on Guam, as it is in the best interest of our entire island for patients to have the legal and medical assistance they need to address the many complex issues in the cannabis space."

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As medical marijuana continues to gain ground across the US, more and more colleges are adding cannabis to their curriculum. In fact, more than half of America's pharmaceutical schools (62 percent) now teach students about medical marijuana according to a new survey conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Pharmacy. "With more states legalizing medical marijuana, student pharmacists must be prepared to effectively care for their patients who may use medical marijuana alone or in combination with prescription or over-the-counter medications," the study's authors wrote.