Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Arkansas, But You Can’t Get It Anywhere

While doctors in Arkansas don’t actually prescribe cannabis to their patients, patients do have access to legal medical cannabis if they go through the right channels. A patient takes a medical record proving they have a qualified medical condition to the state health department, and they can be certified to purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite this, many physicians won’t provide their patients with the necessary records. And even if they do, there currently isn’t anywhere in the state to purchase the stuff.

Dr. Greg Kresse is a member of a group trying to change this. Speaking to KY3, Kresse said, "My partner has a clinic on the side where people who have other physicians that have the proper medical condition, he will certify them." Kresse is a member of a group working to open a dispensary in Eureka Springs. He says the dispensary is really for the people who worked to make medical cannabis legal in Arkansas: “It provides access to the people that voted for the constitutional amendment to provide medical marijuana."

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission recently choose five groups throughout the state to open cultivation centers. While this is good news, there have been some issues. A state judge found the selection process to be unconstitutional after a group that did not get selected filed a lawsuit.

There is no word yet on whether this decision will affect the commission's decision to license dispensaries, which was slated for sometime this summer.


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