Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open on Manhattan's Iconic Fifth Avenue

Manhattan's Fifth Avenue is an iconic street with tons of famous stores and businesses that people visit from around the world. And now it may become a hot destination for stoners.

The cannabis company MedMen is launching a medical marijuana dispensary on Fifth Avenue that will open on April 20th (for obvious reasons). Unofficially, people are calling the forthcoming dispensary the "Barney's of weed." It will be only the third medical marijuana business to open in Manhattan.

While the store is located in a prime tourist location, it will not attract that clientele. The dispensary will only sell to patients registered in New York's medical marijuana program, and will only offer products that follow the state's laws. For instance, New York does not allow patients to smoke medical marijuana, so products that could be used to do so will not be offered.

You'd think that New York would be an obvious market that marijuana businesses would want to break into. However, the state actually has one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the country that covers very few conditions. But, if the state does allow recreational marijuana in the future, businesses that started in the limited medical marijuana market may have a step up.

(h/t Page Six)


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