Medical Marijuana Might Finally Be Coming To Arkansas (Even Though It Was Legalized Years Ago)

Licensing of cannabis production in Arkansas has been tied up in the courts for nearly two years now. But a recent ruling by a Supreme Court judge should help things move along.

The Arkansas state Constitution was amended in 2016 to allow the use of medical marijuana, but it has yet to be made available in the Natural State. This is because of a lawsuit that has tied up the licensing of cannabis producers in the state. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission had announced they would be issuing 5 licenses to produce cannabis back in February. One business that was not to receive a license sued the government, arguing that the selection process was unfair. This has caused the licensing of cannabis producers to freeze in Arkansas until the issue was resolved.

Now, the Supreme Court of Arkansas has ruled that the lower court does not have the power to hold up the licensing process. This should allow the state to move ahead with licensing and bring production and distribution of medical marijuana to patients.

With any luck there will be no further delays, and the strange problem of medicinal cannabis being legal in Arkansas without anywhere for patients to get it can finally be resolved.

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