You Won't Believe Who Opposes Medical Marijuana In Kentucky

Generally speaking, you'd expect tough-on-crime Republicans to fight any attempt to legalize marijuana (except Rand Paul, of course), while the socially progressive Democrats clamor to legalize it.

But that wasn't the case in Kentucky's gubernatorial election, where candidates vied for the state house have switched roles on this issue.

During a debate at Eastern Kentucky University Oct. 25, Republican candidate Matt Bevin - who won the election on Nov. 3 - said he would legalize medicinal cannabis.

"There is unequivocal medical evidence of the fact that there are medical benefits," he said. "I think it should be prescribed like any other prescription drug."

Democrat Jack Conway disagreed. "If we passed a law for medical marijuana, it would be easier to get on the streets," he said.

He then pleaded with voters to consider how drugs ruin the lives of children. "Whenever I've met with addicts, it always seems it started with marijuana at an early age."

Conway's views would surely disappoint progressive, pro-legalization voters in the state, but they might not be any happier with Bevin. The Republican candidate not only opposes expanding Medicaid in Kentucky, and he campaigned on the promise to repeal the state's Obamacare programs.

And while he voiced support for legalizing medicinal cannabis, but he also declared, "I would never, ever in this state sign legislation encouraging the use of recreational marijuana."

Here's the full exchange:

h/t Washington Post, Courier Journal


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