McDonald's Is Creating a Substitute for the Dollar Menu

In 2014 McDonald's killed off the Dollar Menu, which featured a handful of their items at the cost of only, obviously, $1. But in an era when many people are concerned about their budgets, McDonald's has decided to bring back a new version of the now-deceased Dollar Menu.

In a phone call with investors, McDonald's announced they will launch a new value menu at the beginning of 2018 that will feature items that cost $1, $2 and $3. In recent months, the fast food chain has seen an increase in customers after creating the "McPick 2" and $1 drinks, both aimed at attracting budget-conscious consumers. A McDonald's insider on Twitter known as "McD Truth" said this is the biggest McDonald's news in years and could be more impactful than "All-Day Breakfast," another popular innovation that increased business for the chain.

Of course, as anyone who's ordered off the Dollar Menu knows, these value options are usually not enough to constitute a full-meal, which means you have to buy multiple items to satisfy your hunger. But once you buy multiple items, you might as well have just bought the Big Mac in the first place. So personally, I'm not sure this will really change my spending habits at McDonald's. But if it makes other people happy, so be it!


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