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M|Box "Tribute" Unboxing with High Standards Agency

Club|M has changed the cannabis game by offering consumers the ability to try the ever-changing variety of the very best cannabis-infused products from home. These premium cannabis products are sent to members in an M|Box, which every month offers a wide range of treats. M|Box is sent directly to member doors in safe and classy packaging, filled with exclusive gifts from the biggest and best cannabis brands in California. Each M|Box has a theme that ties in with the selection of concentrates, vapes, edibles, flower, and other premium products that members receive.

The theme for January 2017 is “Tribute”. Mary Vallarta from High Standards Agency looks inside the “Tribute” box to read the welcome card, which includes a menu and any information on the contents of the box. One of the first products in this month’s box is Somatik medical cannabis chocolate coffee beans, which is actually a collaborative product between Ritual Coffee and the cannabis brand. This box also contains some flower, including Henry’s Original pre-rolls and True Humboldt’s Chocolate Hashberry, which contains about 16% THC. The last item in the box is a grinder from American Grinder, which is perfect for all the flower that is in this month’s M|Box.


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