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A Mayor in Iowa Arrested for Growing Cannabis At Home

A bizarre case in Iowa led to the arrest of a town mayor for growing cannabis in her home.

Jamaica, Iowa Mayor LaDonna Kennedy was arrested over the weekend for growing cannabis in her home. Obviously, the irony of the mayor of "Jamaica, Iowa" being arrested for marijuana is not lost on us. But the case that led to her arrest is quite bizarre.

Iowa police were looking for a suspect who allegedly had shot a woman in the chest. They had information that the suspect went to Kennedy's home. Police went to the house and said they could smell an "overwhelming odor of raw marijuana" inside the house. The police then surrounded the house while they waited for a search warrant.

The police eventually went inside and found 18 marijuana plants and four to five ounces of cannabis in baggies. Kennedy and her husband were both charged with one count of knowingly keeping a dwelling for possessing or selling a controlled substance, which is an aggravated misdemeanor.

It's not clear if Kennedy will leave her position as mayor. Elected officials in the state can only be removed from office if they're convicted of a felony.

Also, the shooting suspect was not at the Kennedy's house, so the police wasted all this time to seize 18 pot plants while the shooting suspect was still on the loose. Another excellent use of police resources.

(h/t Des Moines Register)


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