Matthew McConaughey Got 'Snooped’ While Filming His Upcoming Movie ‘The Beach Bum'

"I can’t believe I got paid for that one."

So says Matthew McConaughey of his upcoming movie 'The Beach Bum’. The movie also stars Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher - and Snoop Dogg, who McConaughey calls "a prince of a man".

During his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, McConaughey coins a phrase to describe having his prop weed switched with real weed by the Doggfather on set: "He Snooped me."

“The next 9 hours were a lot of fun,” he says, "but i don't believe we used one word in the English language.”

Check out the interview above - which also includes McConaughey reminiscing about meeting the late Stephen Hawking.

Feel free to get Snooped first.


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