If you still can't figure out how someone like Donald Trump - a human gaffe-machine with no political experience - became president of the United States, Matthew Broderick might have the answer. Last year, Broderick - who turns 55 today - reunited with Nathan Lane for a spoof sequel to The Producers musical (2001).

Instead of trying to make money off another dud play, this time Max Bialystock (Lane) and Leo Bloom (Broderick) have entered the world of political consultancy. They soon figure out that they could make a fortune by running a losing political campaign. All they need is a candidate who can't possibly win. Enter Donald Trump.

The spoof, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last February, is surprisingly prescient given that the 2016 election ended much line the tagline for the fake sequel. "It's a story that starts out funny and then gets really, really depressing."

Check it out.