Former NBA Player Matt Barnes Says He Smoked Weed Before Every Game

It's a fairly widely known secret that many players in the NBA and other professional sports leagues use marijuana but are never caught. And now one former NBA player says they may be toking up a lot more than you think.

Former NBA player Matt Barnes appeared on TMZ's Red Pill Podcast hosted by Van Lathan. During the interview, Barnes said he not only used marijuana during his 14-year NBA career, but he says he would smoke before every game he ever played.

"We'd have shoot around at 11, I'd be done by 12, back to the house by 12:30. Roll a joint, smoke it. Take a nap, wake up, eat, shower, and go to the game," Barnes said.

It's actually not the first time Barnes admitted to using marijuana during his NBA career. He also appeared on the Rich Eisen Show last spring and made similar statements, although he didn't say he smoked before every game like he did in today's interview.

Many former professional athletes come out after their careers are over and admit to secretly using marijuana, and they often mention that the majority of people playing the game do the same. And clearly it's not hurting these sports, so maybe it's time for these leagues to stop testing for it and let the players do what they want?

(h/t TMZ)


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