Matt Barnes Says Cannabis Was The Secret To His NBA Success: 'All My Best Games I Was Medicated'

Former NBA champ Matt Barnes says cannabis was the secret to his success.

"All my best games I was medicated," Barnes - who won an NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors last year - said during a group interview with fellow retirees Al Harrington, Kenyon Martin and Cuttino Mobley.

Barnes added that smoking up before games was part of his routine. And he's not ashamed to admit it.

"I'm telling on myself, but I don't give a fuck now," Barnes told Bleacher Report interviewer Master Tesfatsion. "We'd have shoot-around, I'd go home, smoke a joint, take a nap, wake up, take a shower — shower was important, shower would wake me back up — eat, and go to the game." 

That routine began back in high school, when Barnes used to steal the cannabis that his dad grew. 

"My dad used to grow weed, so I'd steal it like, fresh off the plant. You know what I mean? Stems and sticks and seeds and all."

And the NBA probably isn't happy to hear about that since they screen for marijuana use more rigorously than the NFL, NHL and MLB.

"We're the only major sport that gets four random tests for this," Barnes says as he indicates towards the joint in his right hand. "Football gets one in the preseason and they're test for steroids — baseball, same thing."

Check out the rest of the marijuana roundtable in this clip.

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