Marijuana Company in Massachusetts Holds Job Fair for People With Criminal Records

We often hear about how marijuana legalization can lead to the creation of jobs, but one Massachusetts cannabis company took it a step farther.

GTI Massachusetts NP Corp., a medical marijuana company in Massachusetts, launched a giant job fair today to help people find work. Initially, GTI only intended the job fair to be for people with criminal records, particularly marijuana convictions, since they often struggle the most to find work. But after over 50 different employers reached out to be involved in the fair, GTI decided to open it up for the general public as well.

That doesn't mean there wasn't an emphasis on people with criminal records. Members from the Massachusetts State Police were at the job fair to help applicants look up their records to see if their misdeeds are still appearing. And a lawyer at the fair helped various applicants with records to begin the paperwork to get their crimes either sealed or thrown out of court.

And while GTI is in the process of hiring around 30 people and plans to expand to over 100 employees in the next two years, they didn't set up a booth to help recruit workers at this fair. It was purely a altruistic deed on their part to help connect people with jobs.

Just another evil perpetrated by the marijuana industry!

(h/t MassLive)


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