Massachusetts Should Finally Have Legal Marijuana Sales By End of the Month

After nearly a year of delays, it appears Massachusetts will finally receive recreational marijuana sales by the end of November.

The state delivered "commence operations" notices to two laboratories that will be in charge of testing cannabis products in Massachusetts to ensure their safety for consumers. This was the final piece necessary before the state could officially launch the recreational market. The only thing cannabis dispensaries are waiting on now is for the state to send them a "commence operations" notice, which will allow them to begin selling their products.

Legal sales in Massachusetts were supposed to begin in January 2018, but the state government delayed the launch until July 2018. However once July arrived, the state's cannabis regulators announced they were still working through permits and applications, so legal sales wouldn't begin immediately. The delay went from taking a few weeks to a few months, and now we've entered November and still no legal sales.

But with the state's labs all set up, and dispensaries throughout the state simply waiting for the green light to open their stores, it appears Massachusetts will have legal sales in the very near future. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

(h/t Ganjapreneur)


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