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Massachusetts Will Launch Recreational Marijuana in July Without Home Delivery or Cannabis Cafes

Since Massachusetts' voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in 2016, the state government's been hammering out what the details of legalization would be. And now we finally know, and it's far less exciting than it could've been.

The Massachusetts government announced that recreational marijuana sales will begin in July. Retail dispensaries will be allowed to sell to people of age, and producers will be allowed to grow cannabis crops starting then as well.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty tame version of legalization than what could've been. Massachusetts looked poised to become the first state to allow the social use of cannabis and home marijuana delivery. However pressure from various interests, particularly Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, led the state's cannabis commission to delay implementing those aspects of the law until later this year.

The commission did say they are putting a deadline of one year to finish polishing off rules that would include social use and home delivery. The commission also promised to offer licenses to people affected by the War on Drugs once social use and home delivery are legal.

(h/t Boston Globe)


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