Massachusetts Governor Candidate Wants Marijuana to Be Covered by Health Insurance

While medical marijuana is legal in more than half of the United States, it's still not covered by health insurance companies. But one candidate for governor in Massachusetts wants to change that.

Jay Gonzalez is a Democratic candidate running for governor in Massachusetts. At a recent event, he said he would support making health insurance companies cover medical marijuana, although he said he would only do so for people struggling with addiction to drugs such as opioids. He said people currently using medical marijuana for non-addiction related conditions would not qualify for insurance coverage.

Gonzalez would know a bit about the issue, considering he previously worked as the CEO of a health insurance company and also previously served as the Secretary of Administration and Finance for Massachusetts. He is one of three Democrats running in the governor's race in Massachusetts, although the state's primary is not until September and there could be new candidates that emerge.

Unfortunately, the likelihood that Gonzalez's plan ever comes to fruition is very low. It's not guaranteed he'll even be the Democratic candidate in the race, and he is unknown to most Massachusetts voters. On top of that, incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Baker is pretty popular in the state and most people expect that he'll easily win re-election next November.

(h/t MassLive)


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