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Massachusetts Approves Regulations to Allow Marijuana Legalization in July

Massachusetts voters legalized recreational marijuana in November 2016, and they've been waiting for their state government to implement the new laws ever since. Well they won't have to wait much longer.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission finalized the regulations that will be used when cannabis is officially legalized, which is set for July 1st. The regulation approvals mean the state should be all set to go on July 1st, barring any unforeseen weirdness. The commission actually had until March 15th to finish the regulations, and are set to begin accepting applications for recreational marijuana dispensaries and growers on April 1st.

The new regulations include a 100,000 square foot limit on facilities growing marijuana, a labeling system required for cannabis products and a rule that dispensaries need to reserve a certain amount of their supply for medical patients.

Over the past few months, the commission discussed some exciting rules, including the possibility of allowing social cafés for the public use of marijuana, home delivery and allowing edibles at movie theaters. However, pressure from state politicians forced the commission to set those rules aside. The commission has a new deadline of October 31st for discussing those issues.

So it looks like Fourth of July parties in Massachusetts are going to be a lot more exciting this year!

(h/t Boston Magazine)


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