Maryland's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Out of Product One Week After Launch

Last week Maryland finally implemented their medical marijuana laws after a long delay. And while this seemed like a welcome start, one wkek in and a problem has already emerged: the state is out of cannabis.

According to the Washington Post, five of Maryland's seven medical marijuana dispensaries are already out of plant forms of cannabis, and are running now on other products as well. Meanwhile, the other two dispensaries are limiting themselves to only selling to preregistered customers to avoid the same issue.

In fact, it didn't even take the full week to run out of product. One dispensary, called Kannavis, ran out of marijuana on Saturday, the first day it was open, and has been selling vape cartridges only since then. 

Experts are not surprised that dispensaries have run out of product. Demand for marijuana is always the highest immediately as legalization is implemented, and it's not uncommon for supply to not catch up.

There's also the issue of production. So far, only one licensed marijuana producer in the state has delivered shipments to Maryland's dispensaries. Another is expected to begin delivering next week, while another will not be ready until January. Experts say that Maryland's cannabis producers will not be able to fully meet demands for another 60 to 90 days.

So while many people in Maryland may be frustrated by the lack of supply, it's not cause for alarm. It just may take a couple more months before the industry finally begins operating at 100 percent.

(h/t Washington Post)


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