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Marshawn Lynch Explains Why He Lit a Blunt Off Al Davis' Eternal Flame at the Oakland Coliseum

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sparked a blunt - and controversy - last month after he allegedly lit up using Al Davis' Eternal Flame at the Oakland Coliseum. Now Lynch is not only confirming that rumor but also defending his actions by saying the blunt stunt was intended as a fond farewell to Oakland, which the Raiders will leave as early as next season after a successful proposal to relocate the team to Las Vegas.

On Christmas Eve, the Raiders likely played their last game in Oakland, defeating the Denver Broncos 27-14 in a fitting swan song to their long tenure in the Bay Area. But the biggest story emerging from the match happened after the game, when Lynch allegedly used Al Davis' Eternal Flame to light a victory blunt.

Now Lynch is adding more fuel to the fire by speaking out about whether he did or did not light up.

"I did," he told Bill Maher last night when the 'Real Time' host asked about the rumor. "I think it was only right to send the Raiders off in a real Oakland way."

But the owners of America's premier football league might disagree. The NFL still bans players from using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, even for team tributes. That said, Lynch hasn't faced any repercussions yet, which might be because the league still hasn't caught wind of his cannabis use.

"I don't think they caught on yet, but I'm pretty sure now at this point something will take place."

So if the team does make the move to Vegas this year, don't be surprised if you see Marshawn Lynch watching the first few games of the new season from the sidelines.


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