The Wayans brothers, everybody’s favorite clean-cut comedians, were featured in the latest edition of Funny or Die’s 'A Very Special Episode' series, which deals with the very serious issue of casual cannabis use among responsible adults.

The video summarizes an episode of the 90s WB sitcom 'The Wayans Bros,' in which the stars, Shawn and Marlon Wayans, encounter a weed-smoking actor at a party. A little star-struck, Marlon swiftly sinks into the bathroom to smoke up with the D-list celebrity.

At their apartment, Marlon tells a disappointed Shawn that he’s just pretending to smoke so that his Hollywood buddies will think he’s cool. But then—shocker, he accidentally drops a joint from his jacket, revealing his true color (green).

The elder Wayans lectures his 26 year-old brother on the dangers of puffin’ on the chronic, because, for some reason, this seemed to be his very first time encountering the underground intoxicant, which is infamously difficult to find in New York City. Chastened, Marlon says that he’ll try to smarten up and stay sober.

Later in the episode, despite promising his brother that he wouldn’t, Marlon accepts a joint from his new deadbeat friend Rico to calm his nerves, promptly proceeds to completely lose his shit during the audition.

In a startlingly accurate depiction of a marijuana smoker, Marlon jumps on the desk, spreads jellybeans all over the floor and becomes terrified by the idea that the poster on the wall is looking at him. Naturally, this turns the producers off because not only are they totally unaccustomed to drug usage on behalf of actors, but they cannot fathom a comedian doing something ‘wacky.’

When he returns home, Shawn informs him that his hopped-up antics had lost him the part, at which point the reformed Marlon swears off the pot, until, as the video points out, it becomes the primary trait of his famous 'Scary Movie' character just a few short years later.

Watch the full video below.