This Film Supposedly Shows Marilyn Monroe Enjoying A Joint

Was Marilyn Monroe a closeted cannabis user? One amateur filmmaker says so. And we wouldn't be surprised since the iconic blonde bombshell - who was born 90 years ago today - was no stranger to controversy during her heyday.

In 1952, her newfound fame was in jeopardy when nude photos of her surfaced. But when asked if it was true that she posed with nothing on, Monroe coyly deflected criticism by saying, "I had the radio on." She showed similar grace when weathering high-profile divorces in the 1950s: to baseball hall-of-famer Joe DiMaggio and legendary playwright Arthur Miller. Toward the end of her career, rumors swirled of an alleged affair with sitting President John F. Kennedy.

But one bomb that the bombshell managed to conceal was her marijuana use, according to an amateur filmmaker who shot a home movie of the starlet allegedly smoking a joint. The footage, which emerged in 2009 - approximately 50 years after it was filmed, is only about a minute long. But that's enough to show Monroe lounging with others in a carefree manner as she takes a drag.

"I got it [the pot]," the anonymous moviemaker told Reuters in 2009. "It was mine. It was just passed around [at the gathering]."

The reel-to-reel tape was purchased by American collector Keya Morgan for £275,000. But you can watch the clip below and decide for yourself if she's puffing on a cigarette or a joint.

h/t BBC, TIME, Quora, Daily Mail

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