30 Pounds of Marijuana Randomly Washed Up on a Beach in Florida

Sometimes you'll go to the beach and see someone with a metal detector looking for buried treasure or something. And while they may not find anything good with a metal detector, if they had a drug sniffing dog they could've made a big score recently.

A man walking along Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida yesterday morning was surprised to find a package in the sand. The man called the police who arrived on the scene and discovered the package was a 30 pound bag of marijuana. 

The police believe this was a drug smuggling operation gone wrong. One officer said smugglers will often drop a package from the air while over the ocean, where a boat is waiting to receive it. However dropping things out of an airplane is more of an art than a science, so these deliveries can often go awry. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, who seized the package, said they run into a couple of these cases every year.

There's also no telling when the delivery went awry. It could've happened last night or three weeks ago.

The police said if they do not find any leads on the case, they'll have to destroy the marijuana, so this will likely end on a sad note.

(h/t AJC)


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