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Marijuana Users Want Hollywood to Ditch the Stoner Stereotype

Whenever you see a marijuana user on TV or in the movies, they're usually a lazy slacker who embodies the "stoner" stereotype. But cannabis consumers are now saying it's time for Hollywood to grow up when it comes to their portrayal.

A new study commissioned by the research agency Miner and Company found that marijuana users believe it's time that Hollywood ditches the stoner stereotype. 72 percent of marijuana users in the survey say too many TV shows and movies portray stoners as "silly and forgetful." Meanwhile, 90 percent of the users in the study describe themselves as professional and engaged. 76 percent of cannabis consumers said they believe that using marijuana should be portrayed the same as people who drink beer or wine. And around 80 percent said they'd be more willing to watch a show or movie if they featured a positive portrayal of cannabis users.

And it's not just that marijuana users are offended by their portrayal on television. 72 percent of respondents said that they believe the portrayal of cannabis use on television and film has affected marijuana legalization in the United States, and not necessarily in a good way. They believe that non-cannabis users take marijuana legalization less seriously because they believe the only people advocating for it are the silly stoner-types that they see on TV. 85 percent of cannabis users in the survey said TV shows and movies should use their platform to speak out against marijuana prohibition.

Of course, this is Hollywood where any movie made before 2005 that's received any sort of popularity is getting rebooted, so they're not exactly known for their original thought. So we'll probably still be stuck with our stereotypical stoners for awhile.

(h/t Forbes)


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